Tuesday, August 19, 2014

seven more things you probably don't know about me

I had so much fun doing my last post like this that I decided to do another one. One of these days when I have time I'll write an actual update!

1. For years and years I could only sleep with one very flat pillow. Then last fall I got sick and it was hard for me to breathe laying down, so I started sleeping on two pillows so I was at more of an incline. I guess I got used to it because now I sleep with two pillows.

2. I graduated from college Magna cum laude. I have no idea how to pronounce Magna cum laude.

3. When I'm using a microwave, I choose the amount of time based on how little I have to move my hand.  Need 30 seconds? 33 is faster to push.

4. I don't like condiments. Ketchup, mayo, mustard, you name it, I won't eat it.

5. Once in college it was late at night and we were out of toilet paper, so me and my roommates (who shall remain nameless) went across the street and stole some from stadium bathroom. I didn't even know the stadium had a bathroom prior to this.

6. I can't snap my fingers. Countless people have tried to "teach" me, but it's just not possible.

7. I was born at the same hospital in Pennsylvania as Taylor Swift. I am 8 months and 2 days older than her.

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